Why I use markdown for University – and why you should, too

The question on how to organise your student stuff is not an easy one. In fact, it took me around two years of studying, until I finally found the – at least from my point of view – perfect solution: Markdown. But before I tell you, why I think so, I first want to give […]

⌘⇧T – Why didn’t anyone tell me earlier?

I think we all know the problem: you’re browsing the web, opening dozens of tabs. After a while you start closing them again – but damn, that one was still important. So you head to your history, and start searching. Well, you can do that. A much faster way is to just press ⌘⇧T and […]

Raindrop.IO – The solution for browser bookmarks

Have you ever put any thoughts in organizing your browser bookmarks? I guess you didn’t – neither did I. Bookmarks were always a feature, that were kind of there, but I never used them – although, they are very handy in many situations. And that was because of one reason: accessibility. I used to use […]